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Nice Surprises

When we started working with Hiba they were a little-known food haven in Holborn, central London. They had a small but eager following who loved their fantastic food. Hiba means a lovely surprise and the restaurant lives up to its name.

We worked with their tight-knit team to develop a completely new website. The aim: to communicate the unique multi-faceted character of Hiba. And while we were doing that they opened two more outlets, Mini Hiba and Hiba Street, two extra nice surprises!

CLIENT: Hiba SECTOR: Restaurant / Takeaway ROLE: Website

“Very few restaurants today rely on passing trade and footfall. With the exponential growth in social media and smartphone usage to manage our busy lives, a strong online presence is vital.

As a small family run independent restaurant providing dine in, takeaway and delivery – our website needs to be an extension of our face-to-face relationship with customers – it’s crucial to us.

Viridian has presented the face of Hiba just as we wanted it and created a website that serves us to serve our customers.”

Sayeda Abu-Amero

Hiba Express


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