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Cornwall to Camden

We started when Simply Fish was just a concept for a new independent restaurant, looking to establish itself in busy Camden Town. The aim was a ‘chain’ of Simply Fish restaurants with the latest catch delivered daily from its very own fish merchants in Cornwall.

Our brief was to create a strong, distinctive identity for the brand, the signage, menus, website, packaging, advertising and printed promotional materials. Obvious fish imagery was avoided in favour of a simple, bold shape with a ‘fishy’ connotation. To attract attention, the signage was particularly large and bold!

CLIENT:  Simply Fish SECTOR:  Restaurant / Takeaway ROLE:  Identity, Packaging, Print

Simply Fish restaurant exterior - front on view of branding
Simply Fish restaurant exterior - side on view of branding
Simply Fish restaurant sign external
Simply Fish printed restaurant menu
Simply Fish restaurant - takeaway packaging
Simply Fish - serving staff T-Shirt

“Viridian were key to our new brand. They have done a great job, everything from the identity and signage through to the menus, packaging and website.”

Chris Singam
Owner of Simply Fish

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